auxillary support

Neil Easton

A lighthouse owner and an electronic engineer by profession, Neil Easton provides brings a diverse range of skills to the team. Neil's contribution to the team has varied from driving the support vehicle from Cape Reinga to the Bluff for the 2012 RNZ, being delivery crew and being cast adrift in a dinghy for a photo shoot at sea.


Neil also has many accomplishments as a social facilitator including having successfully organized a 'piss up' at the Sunshine Brewery in Gisborne. What makes this accomplishment more impressive is that we manage to not lose any of the 50 sailors on the 2km walking bus between the clubhouse and brewery and back. 


Neil had hoped to use the Round New Zealand race to complete a "grand tour" in his classic car Ruby, but she still at classic car hospital. So the jury is out if he will repeat his 3000 km trip in his Daihatsu Mira. 


Peter Macartney

Owner of the mighty Hyperactive, Neil's partner in crime and SSANZ Tripple shipmate, Pete will be completing his first long-distance event following the Coppelia.  Peter has a background in management which is a very complimentary skill to Neils engineering talents. 


All involved hope that Pete will keep the show on the road and get the spare clothes to Stewart Island. 


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